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    International Congresses

    International congresses are often held in high-demand cities, and booking venues at these locations can be a formidable challenge. NBS Global Venue’s industry strength and personal contacts enable us to obtain rooms in cities that are already at full-capacity or overbooked. We leverage our experience and destination-specific knowledge to find hotels that are most suited to your event, negotiating contracts with excellent terms, securing the lowest prices and avoiding agent fees by allowing our clients to sign directly with the hotel. We are able to secure the best accommodations for our clients when conditions make it nearly impossible to do so for the general public.

    International Associations

    Associations and non-profit organizations often prefer to organize all of the details of their annual events, including designing the program, choosing the speakers, selecting the vendors, etc. However, booking accommodations can be difficult without the professional knowledge and resources needed to find the most suitable venue and secure the best contracts. NBS Global Venue has the experience, industry contacts and expertise to find the right destination, book the ideal venue and negotiate contracts on your behalf while guiding you along the way, year after year. We do all of the legwork for you so that you can focus on the details of the event itself.

    International Events

    NBS Global Venue has extensive experience locating venues for events, conferences and congresses hosted by corporations; with expertise serving the medical, pharmaceutical and high-tech industries. We conduct research, locate and secure the ideal venue for your event anywhere in the world, while taking into account your company profile, special requirements and budget.

    For pharmaceutical events, NBS Global Venue uses its thorough understanding of pharma compliance issues to streamline the often complex booking process associated with pharma-specific needs. For high-tech companies, we understand that events are often organized at short notice, requiring a quick response and rapid turnaround times. NBS Global Venue specializes in tailored booking that meets all timelines, including last-minute events.

    Working with booking agents often requires companies to use specific vendors to supply additional services such as transportation, restaurants, and activities. With NBS Global Venue, you have the option to select the appropriate vendors and suppliers to meet your needs.

    NBS Global Venue develops long-term relationships with clients and utilizes extensive experience with the global pharmaceutical and high-tech industries to provide the best service possible.

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