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    NBS Global Venue provides top-quality venue search services for events and conferences anywhere in the world, with expertise serving companies in the Pharma and High tech industries.

    We conduct comprehensive research, evaluate all of the terms and negotiate contracts according to your specifications, finding the perfect combination of event space, location and accommodations at the lowest rates- helping make your event a resounding success.

    Our services feature:

    Transparency: with the ability to sign and maintain the venue contract under your
    company’s name, including full disclosure of all contract terms.

    Assurance: with hotel accommodations that are guaranteed to be best suited for your event.

    Confidence: with a final contract that protects your interests and minimizes risks.

    Experience: with over 25 years in the global hotel and conference industry, signing contracts with thousands of hotels in destinations around the world.

    Efficiency: with a single contact for all requests and a single contract that can be used globally for all of your events.

    Peace of mind: with a trusted professional who will cover all venue details from A-to-Z.

    Lowest rate guarantee: with zero markup, handled by an expert hotel negotiator


    NBS Global Venue works to protect the interests of our clients during the venue booking process- saving time, minimizing costs and maximizing your options. Our services are free of charge and include the following assets and benefits:


    • Site selection reports, including professional research, evaluation and venue/destination comparison on key parameters such as weather, accommodation, meeting room availability, accessibility and other variables that you specify.
    • ExampleSite Selection Report – NBS Global Venue


    • Professional hotel contract review and negotiating for the best rates and conditions for all parameters (including as WiFi, food & beverage, seminar packages and rental fees) as well as avoiding loopholes that may negatively affect our clients’ interests.
    • Contracts tailored to Pharma compliance and conditions, streamlining the often complex booking process for pharma-specific needs.
    • Arrangements for free site visits, including accommodations, meetings and transportation between the airport and the hotel. We also offer the option to accompany you on the visit to assist you through your review of the site.
    • Proactive advance booking for future conferences and events, researching and booking venues for events up to several years in advance.
    • The option to take advantage of loyalty/club programs, including the accumulation of points for the rooms booked for your event.

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